Looking for Ways to Boost Your Immunity? Try Bone Broth!

There's no denying that there is a lot of focus on healthy immunity right now, and for very good reason. Our immune system is our body's last line of defence in keeping us healthy and fighting infection so that we can in turn keep those around us healthy. In this blog post, we're going to give you a brief overview of what our immune system actually is and what it does. We'll also discuss ways for you to improve your immune system and how bone broth is a fantastic way of achieving a strong immune system. 

One thing we want to drive home: while our immune systems are at the forefront of our minds right now, we cannot stress enough how important it is to take care of this aspect of our health year round! By ensuring our immunity is in it's optimal state and by taking proactive steps to help build strong immune systems, we're not only doing ourselves a huge service- we're doing a service for our families, our coworkers and our communities. If we're learning one thing right now, it's that individual health is community health! We are all connected and we're all in this together.  

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What exactly is our immune system? What does it do?

Our immune system is made up of a collection of structures and processes within the body to protect against disease and infection. When our immune system is functioning optimally, it will identify harmful viruses, bacteria and parasites, and can distinguish these invaders from our body's normal healthy tissue.

What is the connection between the gut and our immune system?

What might surprise you is that it turns out that around 70 percent of the immune system lives in the gut! So, as you can imagine, keeping our gut lining as healthy as possible is the best way to ensure that we keep our immune systems strong. If our gut lining is healthy, the entire gut environment is able to function more optimally. This means that the healthy gut bacteria can do their jobs! And it turns out they have a very important job when it comes to immunity. The healthy gut bacteria (or biome) in the gut help your immune system’s T cells develop. T cells are responsible for attacking foreign substances in our bodies, so the health of these cells is vital. The health of our gut biome is extremely important as it will impact our immune system's ability to respond correctly to these foreign invaders. 

How can we improve the health of our gut and immune system? 

Science has shown that healthy habits like lowering our stress levels, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly are all things that will improve the health of our gut biome along with taking probitiotics and eating fermented foods (kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha). Ensuring we have a healthy gut biome is one thing, but we also have to ensure that this biome has a healthy place to live, in a stable environment so that it can flourish and boost our immunity and overall health. 

In order to provide our helpful gut bacteria with this healthy environment, we need to ensure that we have a healthy, sealed gut lining. When the gut isn't sealed, it can lead to leaky gut syndrome and this negatively impacts our biome's ability to do it's best work. 

How does bone broth help to improve our immune systems?

The nutrients in bone broth are fantastic at healing the gut and allowing our gut's biome to do it's best work. Collagen and glucosamine are plentiful in bone broth and are vital in helping to seal our intestinal barrier and improving our immune system's ability to fight virus's. Bone broth is one of the simplest ways of supplementing collagen and glucosamine in our diets! Bone broth is easy to digest, easy to prepare (just thaw and sip!) and is especially comforting. Best of all, it can be delivered directly to your door!

Keep in mind that bone broth is like brushing your teeth- it has to become a part of your daily habits in order to see the best benefits. We recommend consuming one cup of bone broth per day for optimal benefits. 

Wondering where to buy bone broth?

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