Top Five Ways to use Bone Broth that Will Blow Your Mind!

Ok. I'm going to open by saying that if you have only been sipping bone broth straight up or using it in the conventional ways (soups, stews and chilli), then you have been mega big time missing out and you're about to thank me!

Listen up. Bone broth is amazing. But, who the heck wants to sip hot bone broth or make a winter comfort food in the middle of the gaddang summer?! NO ONE DOES. But we still want the amazing health benefits of the delicious superfood. What to do.




This age old conundrum is why we've created Canada's only tasteless bone broth! We call it a Smoothie Booster, but it can be used for so much more than smoothies! Ready to have your horizons expanded?! Here we go:


1) Smoothie bowls. Ok, let's get the obvious one out of the way. Adding the smoothie booster to smoothies and smoothie bowls.... you can do the math on that one. Lots of collagen that's super easy for your body to absorb? You betcha. Toss it in there.

bone broth smoothie bowl

2) Popsicles! Whether they're for you or your kids, blend up some Borderland Smoothie Booster with some fruit and honey, pour in to a popsicle mold, wait a few hours, and you've got yourself a delicious, nutritious summer snack. Check out a more detailed "how to" here

Bone Broth Popsicle

3) Hot Chocolate. Follow our recipe here to make your own collagen rich, guilt free hot chocolate. The perfect bedtime sippin' bevie!

bone broth hot chocolate

4) Oatmeal. Get your shot of bone broth first thing in the morning in your oats! Cook your oatmeal in our smoothie booster rather than water and voila! Added health benefits before you're even out the door. 

bone broth oatmeal

5) Fruit leather. Remember fruit roll ups and fruit by the foot?! Sooooo yummy but also soooooo sugary. Well, we've put our evil minds to good use to come up with a way to turn those sugary childhood lunchbox treats into healthier options with the added health benefits of bone broth! Follow us on social media to see when we drop that beauty of a recipe!

bone broth fruit leather

That's it folks! With our unique smoothie booster, we no longer have any excuses to not be including bone broth in our every day diets. It's SO EASY! 

Have another idea of how to use our smoothie booster? Comment below or send us a message!

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