The Most Frequently of the Asked Questions

Q: Why Should I consume bone broth?  
A: Because it’s good for you! The hefty dose of vitamins, nutrients, fats, proteins, and collagen make you your best self. There are a ton of health benefits associated with consuming bone broth – for more on that, check out our blog!
Q: What do I even do with bone broth? 
A: Everything. Heat it up and sip it like a coffee. Add all kinds of meat, veggies and other ingredients to make soup. Cook with it. Stare lovingly into it’s eyes. Take it to prom. Whatever you want. Just get it into you for the sake of your health!
Q: Are you ever serious?
A: Not usually, no.
Q: Can I share my bone broth with my kids?  
A: Share away! Sort of. Babies as young as 3-4 months may benefit from having bone broth in their diet. Why? Because their tiny digestive systems are basically like a slice of swiss cheese: flimsy and full of holes. This open gut closes up as the baby barrels towards becoming an uncontrollable tornado of toddler mayhem. But sometimes the gut doesn’t fully close due to a number of possible reasons, and so leaky gut syndrome may be the result. (Here's a free bit of advice.... our smoothie booster is AWESOME for kids of every age. It has no salt and doesn't taste like anything! Which means you can hide it in all sorts of foods).
Q: Why is your bone broth less expensive than some other brands? 
A: First of all, we’re a little hurt that you would be so suspicious about our consumer-oriented price point. But we get it: lower cost is associated with lower quality. Well to that we say NO WAY JOSE. Our broth is more affordable than some other brands for one simple reason: because it should be. We believe so much in the benefits of bone broth that we want everyone drinking it all the time. It shouldn’t be so expensive that you can only afford to buy it “here and there”. That should be the mentality when you’re buying name brand purses and whatever else you splurge on to appease your online shopping addiction. We’re here to help you stay healthy, and so we want to see you consuming bone broth all day erry day. So we keep the price low so that you can afford it.
Q: For how long will the broth keep in the fridge?
A: One week! Seven days. Five work days and then through the sweet sweet weekend. If you forget, just reference the back of your package! This important information is printed on that cute little pouch of bone broth for your reference. Don't worry. Sometimes we miss it too. 
Q: What if I hate you and hate the broth I bought? 
A: Our return policy is simple: We ride or die for our customers. We stand behind our products like Hilary stood by Bill. So if you ever have an issue with any of our products, simply return them to the location you bought them from for a full refund, or, if you are not satisfied with the resolution at the purchase location, send us an email at and tell us what we can do to make things right.