About us

About Us



Borderland Food Co is on a mission to improve the health of our community. We make bone broth that is delicious enough to sip, yet simple enough to incorporate into every single meal of your day. We believe wholeheartedly in wholistic health and we endeavour to help everyone make better choices for themselves and their families. 



About Our Founder

A born and raised small town Albertan, Whitney grew up around cattle, horses and cowboys where being part of her community was a cornerstone of her upbringing. Before embarking on the crazy journey of entrepreneurship, she worked as a registered nurse in addiction and mental health for a decade and completed her Master of Nursing degree in 2018. Whitney enjoys spending her time sipping wine, eating delicious food, and laughing non-stop with her family and friends.



More Than Just Bone Broth

At Borderland Food Co, we truly believe in supporting our community. When the time came to hire employees for Borderland, Whitney wanted to hire thoughtfully and in a way that would add value to her community. Given her background working in addictions and mental health, she knew that she wanted to positively impact the communities with which she had worked during her nursing career. It was at that time that Borderland Food Co developed it’s hiring practice:

Borderland Food Co provides a supportive, judgement free work environment for individuals who are recovering from addictions and we endeavour to hire individuals who fit this description wherever possible. 


We are proud to be more than just a bone broth company, and thanks to our hiring philosophy, we have built an amazing team who make amazing products.  

Don’t be deceived by our lower price. We follow the same process and use the same ingredients as any other reputable bone broth company. Our ingredients come from free-range or grass-fed sources, all organic, and simmered for over 24 hours, and all that jazz. What truly sets us apart is our company philosophy.

At Borderland Food Co., we believe that everyone should have access to the incredible health benefits of bone broth. However, we understand that affordability and regular availability are crucial for making this a reality. Since our company’s inception, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the highest quality broth at an affordable price, and we have succeeded.

Now, a bit more about our broth. We understand that you not only enjoy sipping on your broth but also using it for cooking. We don’t want the flavor of our broth to overpower your amazing recipes! That’s why we keep our broth recipes simple, allowing you to cook with it, sip it, or even incorporate it into your culinary adventures. Regardless of how you use our broth, we guarantee you’ll never be disappointed.

**While we respect your choices, we kindly suggest that bathing in bone broth may be a bit unusual, not to mention expensive and slippery.

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