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Simple Small Batches

We Are on A Mission

We know how incredible the health benefits of bone broth are, which is why we intend to bring you simple, nutritious products that can be used every day, multiple times per day. The utility of our bone broth is so dynamic that we promise, you will never get bored. 

"I've tried so many bone broths, but yours is def the best bang for my buck. Thank you!!"

Kathy S.

"Just tried the new smoothie booster and my kids had NO IDEA their smoothies were healthy! #momhack"

Joelle A.

Supporting Canadian Farms

All of our bones are sourced from ethical Canadian farms. We believe that our farms have some of the best farming practices in the world. 


A Company With a Heart

As a master's prepared registered nurse, our founder Whitney Turcato knew she wanted not only to provide delicious healthy food to her community, but that she also wanted her company to give back. This is why Borderland Food Co focuses on hiring individuals who are recovering from addictions where at all possible. Read more on our blog. 

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