Get it into ya! Borderland is a Better Bone Broth

We offer bone broths made with only the best ingredients. Starting with quality grass-fed and finished beef and bison and free-range chicken bones, we add organic vegetables, herbs, spices and apple cider vinegar and then simmer our broths for over 24 hours. The result? Only the most flavourful and nutrient dense bone broth we could possibly make.

Bone Broth is our Specialty FEATURED PRODUCTS

Available in chicken, beef, bison and smoothie, our bone broths are made in small batches with only grass-fed beef and bison and free-range chicken bones to offer the highest amounts of minerals, nutrients, collagen, and flavour.



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Take a look at our key features WHY WE ARE BEST IN OUR INDUSTRY

Only the best ingredients

We only use bones from animals that are humanely pasture-raised without hormones or antibiotics.

Cooked low + slow

Our broths are cooked for a minimum of 24 hours to extract the maximum amounts of nutrients, minerals, proteins, fats, and collagen.

Fat layer intact

We don't skim the fat off of our broths, which gives you the maximum amount of health benefits.

Priced for your pocket

We keep our prices low so that you can afford products that keep you healthy and happy.

What do you do with bone broth? TRY OUR BONE BROTH YOUR WAY

Simply heat and sip (or wolf it down in one gulp like a savage).

Add bone broth to your favourite recipes in place or water or stock. The possibilities are endless.